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Residential & Commercial Landscaping & Site Planning Services Springfield, Illinois

It’s that time of the year again – flowers are in bloom, trees are shading patches of grass, and your property still looks the same as the year before. One of the easiest ways to completely restore the look and feel of your home or business is to invest in professional landscaping services from your local plant experts at New City Greenhouse. Our shop has the largest variety of annual and perennial flowers, small trees, and shrubs in the Springfield, IL area. Not only will our experienced staff help create a landscaping analysis for your property, but we will plant your chosen flowers with expert precision and care. Reach out today to schedule a consultation for your next landscaping service.

Site Analysis & Planning

Before breaking ground on your landscaping project, our team at New City Greenhouse in Springfield, IL provides site analysis and planning services for your residential or commercial property. The last thing you want is to buy a variety of fully bloom flowers only to realize that some are not compatible with others, and the vision you had for your property is no longer working. Our landscapers envision custom landscaping designs and detailed plans for your property to enhance your home or business’s natural features. We offer the widest selection of annuals and perennials in the central IL area and while our shop does offer small trees and shrubs, our landscaping specializes in flower installation. Want to add shrubs and small trees to your project? No problem, we’ll help you get started!

Landscape Architectural Designing on site analysis plan
New City Greenhouse | Pawnee IL

Residential Landscaping

Are you tired of your home looking dull and lifeless throughout the year? Liven things up with residential landscaping services from our staff at New City Greenhouse. We are more than just the most popular greenhouse and garden center in Central, IL, we offer flower planting services to homes throughout Springfield, IL, and the surrounding areas. Our team will take a quick walkthrough of your property before helping you decide which flowers from our shop will look and grow best in your soil. From stunning annuals like petunias, marigolds, and geraniums, to easy-to-maintain perennials like peonies and daisies, we offer just about every flower imaginable to our local customers. Reach out to our staff today and learn more about our residential landscaping services – we can’t wait to give you the property of your dreams!

Commercial Landscaping

If you’re wanting to increase the curb appeal of your commercial property in Springfield, IL, our commercial landscaping services are just what you need. Whether you own a restaurant, office building, or local shop, the image of your business matters, even on the outside. At New City Greenhouse, we provide professional landscaping services to enhance the look of your property with our homegrown annual and perennial flowers. Make a great first impression for your customers with carefully chosen flowers that our team will plan out for you, so you know exactly what you’re getting before we get there. Landscaping is the perfect solution to not only increase your property value but increase your company’s appeal as well. What are you waiting for? Get started today when you call our shop at (217) 801-5127.

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Commercial Landscaping

Have You Spotted Some of Our Local Landscaping Projects?

At New City Greenhouse, we are honored to work with some of our local commercial businesses to create beautiful landscaping projects for their properties in Springfield, IL. Our team has provided landscaping services for multiple Bank of Springfield locations, St. Johns Hospital, the Illinois State Fairgrounds, and a variety of municipal buildings in the area. If you own a commercial or residential property in our local area and are looking for professional landscaping services, New City Greenhouse has been serving local clients for years! Our shop offers a wide variety of annual and perennial flowers to choose from for your next landscaping project.

Indecisive on which plants to choose?

Our experts will help you find flowers that thrive in the same soil environment to make sure you have a healthy landscape all season long.