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At New City Greenhouse, we are known for our lush garden center that is packed with annual and perennial flowers for central IL residents. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful flower basket as a gift for a loved one, or you’re relandscaping your front and back yard, our staff is here to help you choose the flowers, plants, shrubs, and small trees you need for any occasion. With years of experience in greenhouse planting and multiple testing of soil and treatment techniques, we ensure that any plant you take home will be of premium quality and health. Stop by our garden center today to browse through our flower and plant selection in Springfield, IL.

Custom Grown Flower Baskets

Regardless of the type of property you own, a hanging flower basket is a perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor space. At New City Greenhouse, all of our flower baskets are custom made with a proven winter grown recipe that ensures the health and growth of your flowers well into the colder months. We handpick each flower combination to make sure that our premium soils and the recommended growth environment are compatible with one another so not one flower is overpowered. Not sure which flower basket to buy? Our team will show you which baskets are perfect for your home based on sunlight and watering needs. Stop by our garden center and greenhouse in Springfield, IL to browse through our large selection of custom-grown flower baskets.

variety of potted flowers and plants at New City Greenhouse | Pawnee IL
Variety of Potted flowers and plants including daisies


Annual flowers vary from perennials in that they thrive for a single season and must be replanted year after year. While this may seem tedious, there are many ways that homeowners and businesses can improve the look and feel of a space with our annual flower selections at New City Greenhouse in Springfield, IL. Annuals are the perfect addition to your garden or landscaping if you’re wanting a little extra seasonal color; they make great gifts for friends and family members that do not want the burden of taking care of a plant year-round, and they are a great way for you to experiment with different color and plant combinations without having to stick with them every spring. Our garden center offers the widest variety of annual flowers in the area with thousands of color combinations and species to choose from.


Perennial flowers are the rulers of every garden and landscaping project you can imagine. With their beautiful colors, shapes, and ease of growth, you can always count on our perennial flowers to liven up your residential or commercial space. Perennial plants are reoccurring growers, which means that they die off in the autumn and winter months, but naturally regrow in your soil every spring. At New City Greenhouse in Springfield, IL we have over 150 species of perennial flowers that are grown on-site for our customers to browse through. Whether you have a shaded property that requires specific perennials that thrive out of the sun, or vice versa, we have beautiful flower combinations for every property. Stop by today to see for yourself!

close up of hand gently touching pink seaside petunias
variety of colorful cone flowers
small tress and shrubbery to be planted at New City Greenhouse | Pawnee IL

Shrubs & Small Trees

Add variety to your home’s landscaping project by including shrubs and small trees from your local garden center at New City Greenhouse in Springfield, IL. We carry a wide selection of trees and shrubs to provide density and shade to your outdoor space while creating the perfect habitats for insects and wildlife to thrive. Take a look at our garden center today for shrubs and small trees to bring life to your home or business! Our staff has years of experience working with hundreds of plant species and can find a combination that works perfectly for your property. Interested in our shrubs and small trees? Stop by today to view our current inventory.

Looking to Start Your Own Garden? We Offer Seeds By the Bulk!

So, you’re wanting to start your garden of fruits, vegetables, and beautiful flowers? How exciting! Did you know that New City Greenhouse in Springfield, IL is one of the only locations in the area that offers seeds by the BULK? Our garden center is stocked with hundreds of seed selections including onion, potato, sweet potato, over 80 selections of tomatoes, 45 herbal plants, and more – all of which come by the scoop! Whether you’re just starting as a plant owner, or are wanting to build your garden, our shop has everything you could want and more.

Red Cabbage seedlings at New City Greenhouse | Pawnee IL
White packs of salad, cucumber, beet, pumpkin, tomato, paprika seeds
variety of produce seedlings at New City Greenhouse | Pawnee IL
forced perspective blurred background yellow seaside petunias

Not interesting in planting vegetables just yet? Come check out our 4-inch annual flowerpots with over 100,000 different color and flower combinations to choose from, along with over 150 types of perennial flowers that are grown on sight.

blurred, forced background perspective picture of customer browsing in Petunia House at New City Greenhouse | Pawnee IL

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